The NBA’s website offers some colorful shot charts for every player in the league, ranging from red (below the league average) to yellow (around the league average) to green (above the league average).

I deciphered the most efficient Heat shooters from each of the 14 spots recorded, creating a Super Heat Shot Chart. The graphic above vividly and strangely illustrates the team’s overall sweet spots and who’s pulling the trigger. A minimum of 25 shots were required to qualify, outside of the short-center area where Chris Bosh attempted 24 and the left-corner three where Mario Chalmers attempted 18. (It was slim pickings for each.)

Bosh led the team with six spots, as evidenced by his half-dozen heads, while Dwyane Wade and LeBron James had two apiece. Bosh, among the NBA’s best shooting big men, is on pace to double his 74 three-point attempts from last season. He’s taken 133 (37%) already and has 22 games remaining.

LeBron has been especially dominant at the rim, converting on an absurd 76 percent of his attempts. For perspective, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan leads the league in field-goal percentage (66%) while shooting just 6.2 shots a night. He converts 67 percent of his attempts at the rim, nine percentage points below James. Translation? LeBron is unstoppable inside, among other things. Chris Andersen (72% at the rim) is also potent around the cylinder.

The samples for some spots were obviously relatively low, but the graphic was designed to provide a visual for which Heat shooters lead the team from various spots. The Heat lead the league in nearly all advanced and basic shooting metrics.